Small World Syndrome

World Cup viewing party, Terminal B, IAD

One thing I always love when I travel is the times when you don’t feel out of place.  When you don’t have to speak the same language as the person you’re communicating with, but you don’t exactly need gestures and grunts.  Example:  In the Netherlands, jaywalking is a huge faux pas, and people will wait patiently for walk signals to light up, despite a complete absence of traffic.  This happened to me as I stood waiting for just such a walk signal on a sidewalk next to another man, who I guessed to be Russian.  I wondered if I cared if I was seen as a Stupid Tourist.  I looked at aforementioned absolute lack of traffic and decided I was going to cross, walk signal or not.  The Russian clearly had the exact same thought process, because as I said, “Fuck it” out loud, he stepped out simultaneously mumbled something in his native tongue.  No idea what language it was, but I know what it meant.


~ by horizonmanifest on September 2010.

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