Cultural Confusion

The game was close until the very end, with the away team barely negotiating a 1-0 lead, and a few lucky deflections in the waning moments helped them hold out.  Seconds before the whistle blew, the riot police appeared, taking to the edge of the field in a line. When the match ended, they sprinted onto the field to form a circle around the referee, and escorted him away as fans threw every single empty can and bottle they could over the fence towards them.  The field was soon strewn with so much litter you could scarcely tell there was grass on it.  Then, just as quickly, the street children, who had been watching the game, swarmed the field with giant trash bags, running back and forth picking up every single piece of recyclable material.  What I thought had been a contentious end to a great game was in fact the entire community helping make it easier for the kids to earn their living.


~ by horizonmanifest on June 2011.

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