2012 International Motorcycle Show

Last weekend I hit up the DC leg of the International Motorcycle Shows, and took nearly zero pictures. This is all four that I took (bike show apparently means cell phone pics), plus one.

First up, Carbon goodness from Erik Buell Racing’s new 1190RS Steed. [Insert mandatory dig on H-D for being idiots here]

A couple of the third place restomod winner, a Honda 350 tracker that deserved to win:

The exhaust treatment from the new MV Agusta F3:

And finally, I got to meet someone I’ve been following for years, Doug Woethke, Motorcycle Traveller Extraordinaire. If you do not know who he is, check out MotoSapiens. He came from Alabama with a banjo on his knee, and he’s ridden around the world on everything from a Harley chopper to a 60 year old Indian. I’ve spent days at a time reading about his exploits, and he is no small part in my interest in long distance motorcycle travel, and the mentality that is necessary in doing so. Keep on keepin’ on, Doug.


~ by horizonmanifest on January 2012.

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