And So It Went, Part 2: Santa Monica

With time to kill as I tried to sort out what I was going to do, I walked all over the place.

At this point, I was just jealous that this cop had a bike of his own.

So, while I did consider a few other bike options to continue my journey…

…I ended up getting this for even less.

Now the plan was to continue my trip as planned, just with a vehicle change, and the added stop of picking my bike up in Oklahoma before I hit the Indianapolis GP. But, I am getting way ahead of myself! First, Laguna Seca!

As I left the comfort of my newfound couch-home, I headed North to Laguna Seca, South, by way of San Diego. On the way I almost got taken out by a runaway truck, which is much less scary in my own truck compared to on the bike.

Leaving Santa Monica in the afternoon, I got to the track the middle of the next day, and made camp under a tree. From there it was a quick hike up the hill to the Andretti Hairpin, and that is how Race Weekend began.


~ by horizonmanifest on January 2012.

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