And So It Went, Part 3: Sensory Overload

When I first got to the raceway, I was more distracted by the traffic passing behind me than the still silent track.

That wouldn’t last.

I didn’t need to see much more of the warm ups at this point, however, because I had a paddock pass burning a hole in my pocket. I got there as quickly as I possibly could, stopping every 15 feet to check out another bike. I was led in by the orange homing beacon visible from hundreds of yards away, the wash stations of the impassable 2011 Honda factory team riders.

BUT! Just as surely as I was in the pits I nearly got whiplash. In the hoopla over the riders vying for this year’s championship, most of the crowd heading into the pit missed a legend quietly walking behind them.

So I looked to see where he was walking, and quickly realized he wasn’t the only legend tucked in behind the pits that day.

Once those two hopped on their respective bikes and went for a couple laps, I finally made my way into the pits.

Once the stars of the show had retreated back to their respective places, I had the opportunity to walk through the pits for the rest of the weekend, which included

Finally, after listening to the rumble of Grand Prix and Superbikes rolling in surround sound all day, the electric bikes took to the track. They had gone by on the first lap before some of the onlookers realized a race was happening. To be fair, the loudest thing about most of them was their sticky tires peeling themselves from the track at 150mph. I also began to appreciate how hard it was to time shots of them passing, since I couldn’t hear them on the approach.

Just like that, their quick race was over, and I decided to get a better look at the track.


~ by horizonmanifest on March 2012.

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