Impromptu Bike Show

Wandering Asheville, and I headed to an auto parts store where the owner keeps his vintage motorcycle collection on display in the front. Between that and the hacked up BMW out front, I was already happy with the bikes I’d seen that day, with my own being tucked away a few hundred miles North of me.

It was at this point, drooling over the Rickman Triumph, that I was informed of the bike show happening that very afternoon!

It wasn’t for a few hours, so we kicked around town for a couple hours before heading over.

There may have also been a massive music festival going at the same time, but who knows. Bikes:

…and that was just outside. Inside the bar sat four worn and beaten racers, lined up in all their glory.

…and a parting shot, to counter the Indian racer.


~ by horizonmanifest on August 2012.

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