Into Vietnam: Incheon SK, Ha Long Bay, and Hanoi

Its my Pic in a box.

Why am I in Korea?

Can I get on one of those now?

Even harder to read upside-down

Oh shit I'm in Vietnam

This is actually just the waiting room

Nice of them to line up for me

With a side of Mary Poppins

Call me, maybe?

Food truck, Viet-style

Ha Long will I be sitting here?

Beer makes waiting better

French fries.

Can we get a little closer?

Back it up.

More rocks.

Not the smallest town I've been in, but the most buoyant.

Not a dry county.

If you say so.

Slow down, ya maniacs!

She did all the work.

So much more.

If you say so.

Lonely boat.

Laundry at speed.

Hehe. Shaft.

It's a fossilized jellyfish. Promise.

Did you know: a Japanese 1 Yen coin floats?

It didn't.


Lots of junk.

Out the back door.

Welcome to Hanoi

Dash-pineapple. Similar to pocket-sand.



Nice sign... must be new.

I was inverted.


~ by horizonmanifest on January 2014.

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