And So It Went, Part 5: Burning Rubber, Gas, and Coolant

I turned left, away from San Francisco, and drove down the coast as far as Santa Barbara. Then, I turned around and drove back up. I spent a few nights lazily meandering up and down the 1, pulling to the shoulder to crash for the night, then doing it again. I wandered down to the water and napped on the rocks during the day. The days blurred together again, save the hundred miles I drove with a hitchhiking passenger, listening to his life story and plans for the future.

I see why people want to live here

this picture caused me to take my shoes off

My favorite sign, anywhere.

View from my hammock

some rock

You'd think it to go the other way, but Kenya reminded me of this photo.

New buddy.

I could picture the stone spinning the hole into that shape

I left many of these

All beyond the fence.


Eye level

New buddy.

Straight down

Gonna skip these buddies.




Then, one day I woke up and decided I was done looking at the ocean, and I wanted to see some mountains. I turned inland, and drove until the roads turned to dirt. There went another blur of days drinking beer near rushing streams, sleeping in windy valleys as the truck rocked back and forth, and resting the afternoons away in my hammock.


As old timey as it gets

No self service, and the gas is more expensive by a dollar?

I don't need to pay you extra for your rust.

King's Canyon


Somewhere in the mountains my motor started overheating, and I popped the hood only to be greeted with the spray of steam and boiling coolant from a busted radiator hose.  I fixed the hose, and the radiator blew its top. From there out it was a healthy mix of coasting and driving to get out of the mountains.  I arrived at a shop in the foothills at 4:50 on a Friday, and for a case of beer and $60 cash, 5 guys replaced my radiator in 10 minutes flat. Efficiency is easy when you want to get the hell out of Dodge.

Symptom of distress


Lunch break on the way down

Beer: solves what ails ya.


I decided that the truck had had enough of the mountains, and spent a night in the desert before heading back for another go at the weirdness of Los Angeles.

Next stop: middle of nowhere

You'd think it was the middle of nowhere, except for the nearby town.


This is exactly what I expect of LA

American as fuck. This is a McDonalds.


Yep, time to go.


One night was all it took, and it was East to Vegas for a night, then Hoover Dam and a straight shot back to my busted bike in Henrietta.

Vegas from Henderson

Fallout 3 map.

Lest ye forget: formerly sea bottom

Desert Desert Desert


The last of the scenery: Colorado

Now for some nothingness.




I finally got a look at the damage, loaded it up, and hauled it back to DC in a night.

Yeah, that'll slow you down.

Practically dragged it home

Crushing miles.


It had been just over three weeks since the race at Laguna Seca, but it felt like a lifetime.


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